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About IMPACT Network

International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Together (IMPACT) Network was founded in 1995 by Apostle John Eckhardt, and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. He is also the apostle and overseer of Crusaders Church in Chicago with several thousand in attendance in multiple locations.

IMPACT is excited to announce its relaunch in the fall of 2016! Our focus has and continues to be on expanding as a global network of like-minded apostles and prophets, including all 5-fold ministries, along with the churches, ministries, and organizations that they lead. This network has continued to evolve since its launch and will offer innovative training opportunities, fresh apostolic upgrades and new kingdom connections from the organization and its updated, interactive website. Under the apostolic oversight and visionary leadership of Apostle Eckhardt, those affiliating with IMPACT, you will share in a divine mandate to advance apostolic reformation and God’s Kingdom in the earth, impacting the destiny of nations.

IMPACT’s influence, encompassing hundreds of churches and ministries in over 50 countries, is rapidly increasing across the earth, and is becoming a major apostolic movement powerfully positioned as a catalyst to break the church into new Kingdom positions. Through identifying emerging apostles and prophets, teaching present truth revelation in conferences and seminars, conducting prophetic presbytery, along with the ministry of impartation, there is an acceleration of apostolic grace and anointing to build strong governing territorial “Antioch” churches, along with releasing relevant cutting edge apostolic and prophetic ministries that are changing the spiritual atmosphere over nations and regions.

Dr. Shirene Anderson

IMPACT Network Global Coordinator

Dr. Shirene Anderson is an ordained Prophet and serves as the Coordinator of the IMPACT Network. Dr. Shirene has served at Crusader’s Church Chicago, Illinois for the past 24 years under the dynamic leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt who is the founder and Senior Pastor of Crusaders Church, Chicago. Dr. Shirene has worked in many facets of ministry and missions as she has tirelessly worked to advance the Kingdom around the globe. As a result of her 24 years of service, Dr. Shirene has traveled to over 30 nations and taken over 180 delegates in diversified capacities to minister to God’s people.