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Apostle Eckhardt does not require churches and ministers to send a percentage of their income plus offerings as some networks do. He felt strongly not to make this a requirement for those affiliating with IMPACT, even as the Apostle Paul did not want to be burdensome to the churches he was overseeing, although some of them did support his apostolic ministry. There are though a number of churches and ministers, who regularly send offerings and others who regularly tithe to IMPACT, which is a tremendous blessing and very much welcomed, but not a requirement.

A $500 membership fee is required to be submitted with your application, which includes a $150.00 non-refundable one-time application-processing fee and also covers your first year of affiliation. For a husband and wife applying together, the fee is still $500. If your application is not approved, you will receive a refund check within 6-8 weeks.

Our calendar year runs from July to July, to coincide with our annual international IMPACT conference, which is held the 2nd week of July every year. Each year members will be billed an annual renewal of $500 to cover administrative expenses, which can also be paid at the July conference.