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Vision | Impact Network

Vision Of IMPACT

Apostle Eckhardt’s God-given vision for IMPACT is:

To identify, develop, release, and where ministry has been proven, publicly recognize through ordination, emerging apostles and prophets (and all 5-fold ministries) that God is raising up in the nations for this New Apostolic Reformation.

To provide the opportunity for those God is calling into relationship with Apostle Eckhardt and IMPACT to become partakers of the apostolic grace that is upon his life in the same way that Paul encouraged those at Philippi, “ye are all partakers of my grace.

To provide avenues for the teaching and imparting of present truth revelation, currently through facilitating and coordinating national and international IMPACT conferences and gatherings, AIM (Apostolic Institute of Ministry) seminars and apostolic roundtables.

To regularly send out apostolic teams to the nations for breakthrough intercession, leadership training, prophetic and deliverance ministry, that they may be catalysts to release fresh moves of God wherever sent, and be facilitators of this New Apostolic Reformation.

To be an apostolic resource center for the distribution of anointed present truth books, CD’s, DVD’s, teaching articles, and training materials that will inspire, equip, train, and especially help to maintain soundness of apostolic doctrine. This would also include periodic IMPACT leadership e-newsletters sent out by email to the network, along with website information resources.

To provide covering, counsel, apostolic oversight, and accountability relationships for like-minded leaders and ministers that God is bringing into covenant relationship with Apostle Eckhardt and other apostolic leaders in the network, and to connect them with IMPACT for partnership to fulfill the mandate and vision for apostolic reformation and Kingdom advancement.

To promote the establishing of strong governing territorial Antioch churches that will breakthrough in their nation and beyond as a result of strong presbyteries and apostolic teams having been raised up and established.

To develop strong relationships, joint partnerships, and interactive alliances with other ministries, networks and organizations for the sake of combining efforts and resources producing powerful synergy enhancing and intensifying breakthrough results in the nations.

To allow within the structure of IMPACT the opportunity for mature apostles and prophets in the network to raise up sons and daughters in the ministry that could also have a primary relationship (general covering and apostolic oversight) with IMPACT and Apostle Eckhardt, and yet still maintain their (direct covering) relationship with their spiritual father. This way both have primary access to IMPACT and Apostle Eckhardt.

For those IMPACT leaders who feel a need to start their own networks, they would continue to relate to IMPACT in a primary relationship, and their network leaders in only a secondary relationship.

To encourage and help equip women in ministry to develop their ministry calling and be all that God has called them to be in this season of apostolic reformation.

Apostle Eckhardt strongly believes that any apostolic oversight and accountability should be strictly biblical, spiritual, relational and Holy Spirit orchestrated. Our position then is that each local church and ministry has complete autonomy, and thus IMPACT exercises no legal authority over it. That is the responsibility of every church’s governing eldership and legally required board. One might call this covering without control.

Affiliation With IMPACT

You may affiliate as a five-fold minister, and then also choose one of the other categories that best describe your current primary area of ministry involvement you desire to affiliate with IMPACT.

If you are the senior leader of an independent church, you may both affiliate yourself as a minister, as well as your church. This may not be possible if the church is still affiliated with a denomination and you are in transition, in which case you would only affiliate as a minister. The same applies to ministries and organizations.

You may affiliate with IMPACT even though you also are still connected with a denomination or other ministry/church organization or fellowship. Your purpose for affiliation with IMPACT must be a desire to embrace this New Apostolic Reformation and to receive the revelation, teaching, grace, and oversight of one of it pioneers and leading voices around the world, Apostle John Eckhardt. If you are not called into one of the five-fold ministry offices, but are called to actively influence the business or political sector, you may affiliate with IMPACT as a Marketplace Minister.

If a husband and wife are both in 5-fold ministry and would both like to affiliate as ministers, they should fill out individual applications and submit them together. The fee for a couple is the same as an individual, and they will both receives a certificate of affiliation.